A farewell party

The boss is finally old enough to retire from the company.<>

On his last day of work, he ordered a farewell party for himself.<>

The boss wanted everyone to express their good feeling about him by writing on the farewell card,<>

So later he could remember how his staff “miss” him.<>

Most people are writing standard phrases like,<>

“Without you, the company will never be the same,”<>

“We will always remember you,” etc.<>

Obviously the boss was not satisfied.<>

“I need something from the bottom of your heart, something really touching, you know.<>

Okay, John, you have been working with me for the last 20 years.<>

You are my best staff.<>

I am retiring now. What do you have to say?”<>

Slowly but firmly, John wrote, “THE BEST NEWS IN 20 YEARS.”<>

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