A man invents a device that makes food come to life

He’s been working on this project for years, his family, those he trusted enough to tell, never believed in him. “Now they’ll see,” he thought. His device was ready and he got out a small piece of ham from the refrigerator and placed it into the containment chamber.

He crossed his fingers and pushed the ON button. He opened the chamber and swiped away the smoke, there, on the small metal plate lay the piece of ham, but it was not the same. The ham grew legs, not like human legs but tiny pieces of itself that held its weight and allowed it to ‘walk’.

The man was flabbergasted. He was thrilled about his newfound success, he could change the world.. somehow. He put the ham aside and decided to up the scale. He made an entire sandwich, bread, lettuce, ham, cheese, and the condiments too.

A delicious sandwich was ready to be filled with life. He pressed ON, and boom just like the ham, the sandwich had grown legs. At this point the man had grown hungry, being so busy with his invention he had forgotten to eat. He grabbed the sandwich and thought how a sandwich that was alive would taste.

He raised it up to his mouth but the sandwich somehow knew what was about to happen and kicked him in the face. He dropped it in shock and the sandwich ran toward the window and jumped straight out onto the pavement below. It picked itself up, rebuilt itself, leaving a small mess of condiments. The sandwich walked down the street, bystanders in awe. The sandwich walks into a bar, the bartender says “sorry we don’t serve food here”.

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