Come back in ten years!

An 8-year-old knocks on the door of a brothel…<>

The Madam opens it up, looks down and sees the kid.<>

“What do you want?”<>

The kid says, “I wanna get laid!”<>

The Madam says, “Yeah, come back in ten years.”<>

“But I wanna get laid.”<>

The Madam bends down and says,<>

“Kid, get out of here, come back in ten years. Tell you what, go find a tree with a hole in it and practice.”<>

Ten years later, the kid knocks again on the door.<>

The Madam recognizes him instantly,<>
“Kid! You’re back!”<>

The kid says,<>
“You said to wait ten years, so I did.”<>

Did you practice on the tree-like I told you?”<>

“Yes ma’am, I did!”<>

The Madam is so impressed that she walks him upstairs to the best lady in the house.<>
As the lady undresses, the kid walks over to the closet, grabs a broom, and starts whacking the prostitute.<>

The lady screams, “What are you doing kid?”<>

“Checking for squirrels.”<>

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