Example To Follow – Story

Dov Beer of Mezeritch was asked:<>

‘Which is the best example to follow? <>

That of the pious man who dedicates his life to God without ever asking why, or that of the erudite man, who tries to understand the will of the Almighty?’<>

‘The best example to follow is that of the child,’ replied Dov Beer.<>

‘But a child knows nothing. It doesn’t even understand what reality is!’ was the general response.<>

‘There you are much mistaken, because the child has four qualities that we should never forget.<>

A child is always happy for no reason. A child is always busy. <>

When a child wants something, he or she shows great persistence and determination in demanding that thing. <>

Lastly, a child is always very quick to stop crying.’<>

Paulo Coelho<>

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