Fear Of God – Joke

There were two brothers who were always up to some mischief. <>

If somebody had been locked up in his house or if somebody’s dog had been painted green, one always knew who the culprits were the brothers.<>

One day the boys’ mother asked a priest to talk to her sons and put the fear of God in them so that they would mend their ways. <>

The priest asked her to send her sons to him one at a time.<>

When the younger boy, a lad of thirteen, came, he made him sit and asked him: “Where is God?”<>

The boy did not answer. The priest asked again, in a louder voice: “Where is God?”<>

The boy remained silent. <>

But when the priest asked the same question a third time, the boy jumped up and ran away.<>

He went straight to his brother.<>

“We are in big trouble!” he gasped.<>

“What’s wrong?” asked the older boy, warily, wondering which of their sins had caught up with them.<>

“God is missing,” said the youngster, “and they think we have something to do with it!”<>

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