Federal Agent And Angry Bull

A rancher was minding his own business when an FBI agent came up up to him and said,<>

“We got a tip that you may be growing illegal drugs on the premises. Do you mind if I take a look around?”<>

The old rancher replied, “That’s fine, you shouldn’t go over there though.” As he pointed at one of his fields.<>

The FBI agent snapped at him, “I’m am a federal agent! I can go wherever I want!”<>

With that he pulled out his badge and shoved it into the ranchers face.<>

The rancher shrugged this off and continued with his daily chores. About 15 minutes later he heard a loud scream from the field he had pointed out earlier.<>

All of a sudden he could see the FBI agent sprinting towards him with a large bull on his heels.<>

The rancher rushed to the fence and yelled, “Your badge! Show your badge to the bull!”<>

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