Ford Escort For Sale (Joke)

When Big Peter McFlannel dies in Glasgow,<>

his old widow wishes to tell all his friends at once,<>

so she goes to the newspaper and says;<>

“I’d like tae place an obituary fur ma late husband”<>

The man at the desk says “OK, how much money dae ye have?”<>

The old woman replies “£5” to which the man says;<>

“You wont get many words for that but write something and we’ll see if it’s ok”.<>

So the old woman writes something and hands it over the counter and the man reads<>

“Peter McFlannel, fae Parkheid, deid”.<>

The clerk feels guilty at the abruptness of the statement and encourages the old woman to write a few more things.<>

The old woman ponders and then adds a few more words and hands the paper over the counter again.<>

The clerk then reads “Peter Reid, fae Parkheid deid. Ford Escort for sale”<>

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