Heaven in Hell

An editor dies at his desk and goes to that great beyond that all editors are destined for. As Satan is showing the new arrival around Hell, he stops at the edge of a great chasm and points down to the flames below. “Here’s one of our special rooms.”

The editor looks down and sees screaming men tied onto spits, roasting over large fires. They are being turned by hordes of giggling demons. The editor peers a little more closely at the men on the spits and exclaims, “Hey, wait -I know all those guys! There’s Stan…and Bob…and there’s Jim! We were all editors!”

The Devil chuckles. “Ah, yes. This is our special hell, just for editors. You’ll be down there, too.”

The editor peers again. “Okay, so this is where I’ll be. What about those guys turning them on the spits? I don’t recognize any of them.”

“Them?” Satan replies. “Oh, those are all writers. But be a dear and don’t say anything to them -they think they’re in Heaven.”

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