Isn’t it obvious?

Two elderly nuns, Sister Dulce and Sister Andrea are on their way back from the market one evening.<>

It’s already very late, and they have quite a distance left before reaching their convent.<>

Suddenly, Sister Dulce grabs hold of Sister Andrea’s arm. “Is it just me,” she asks, “or is that man following us?!”<>

Sister Andrea glances over her shoulder, then whispers back. “I think he might be, yes!” “What do you think he wants?!”<>

Isn’t it obvious?” asks Sister Andrea. “He’s going to [email protected] us! What should we do?!”<>

I know,” replies Sister Dulce. “We’ll split up. I’ll take the left road to the convent, and you take the one on the right.”<>

The nuns part ways, and a few minutes later, Sister Dulce arrives at the convent.<>

She starts pacing in front of the door, worried that some terrible fate has befallen the other nun.<>

Then, just as Sister Dulce is about to give up hope, she sees Sister Andrea running up the path.<>

“What happened?!” asks Sister Dulce.<>

“Well,” replies Sister Andrea, “I started running, and the man started chasing me.”<>

“Oh, no! Then what?!”<>

“He caught up to me.” Sister Dulce gasps.<>

“What did you do?!” “The only thing I could do,” Sister Andrea answers.<>

“I lifted up my dress.”<>

“What did the man do?!”<>

“He dropped his pants.”<>

Sister Dulce clutches her rosary, terrified of what she’s about to hear next.<>

“Then… then what happened?”<>

“Isn’t it obvious?” asks Sister Andrea. “A nun with her dress up runs faster than a man with his pants down.”<>

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