Robber And Holes – Joke

Moishe the Carpenter, returning home with his week’s wages, was accosted by an armed robber on a deserted street.<>

“Take my money,” said Moishe, “but do me a favour: shoot a bullet through my hat otherwise my wife won’t believe I was robbed.”<>

The robber obliged. He threw Moishe’s hat into the air and put a bullet through it.<>

“Let’s make it look as if I ran into a gang of robbers,” said Moishe, “otherwise my wife will call me a coward! Please shoot a number of holes through my coat.”<>

So the robber shot a number of holes through the carpenter’s coat.<>
“And now?”<>

“Sorry,” interrupted the robber. “No more holes. I’m out of bullets.”<>

“That’s all I wanted to know!” said Moishe. “Now hand me back my money and some more for the hat and coat that you’ve ruined or I’ll beat you black and blue!”<>

The robber threw down the money and ran.<>

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