Sin Of Men – Story

A group of devils were trying to enter the soul of a holy man who lived near Cairo; they had already tempted him with Nubian women, Egyptian food, Libyan treasure, but nothing had worked.<>

One day, Satan passed and saw his servants’ efforts.<>

– You’re hopeless – said Satan. – You haven’t used the only technique no one can resist; I’ll teach you.<>

He went over to the holy man and whispered in his ear:<>

– Remember the priest who studied under you? He’s just been made Bishop of Alexandria.<>

Immediately, the holy man was filled with rage, and blasphemed against God’s injustice.<>

– The next time, use this temptation – said Satan to his subjects.<>

“Men can resist almost everything, but they are always jealous of the victory of a fellow man.”<>


Paulo Coelho<>

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