Tricksters Humbled : A Raman Story

Four travellers once asked an old woman to keep a little bundle for them and told her to give it back<> only when all four were present.<><>

One of them, however, returned alone and tricked her into giving him the bundle.<>

Later the other three came to collect the bundle. <>

She explained she had given it to the man who had come earlier. <>

They were very angry and took her to court. Maryada Raman, the judge listened to their complaint.<>

“So, you see, Sir, she has to pay us compensation now!” the three cried. “But she will give you the bundle itself,” said Maryada Raman, and pausing a little, he added, “provided all four of you are present.”<>

There was laughter in the court and the three men realised that they had lost the case.<>

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