Two Criminals – Joke

Two young guys appear in court after being arrested for smoking dope.<>

The judge says, “You seem like nice young men, and I’d like to give you a second chance instead of jail time. <>

I want you to go out this weekend and try to convince others of the evils of drug use. I’ll see you back in court Monday.”<>

On Monday, the judge asks the first guy, “How did you do over the weekend?” “Well, your honor, I persuaded 17 people to give up drugs forever.”<>

“Seventeen people? That’s wonderful. How did you do it? ”<>

“I used a diagram, your honor. I drew two circles like this. Then I told them that the big circle is your brain before drugs and the small circle is your brain after drugs.”<>

“That’s admirable,” says the judge. Then he turns to the second guy. “And how did you do?”<>

“Well, your honor, I persuaded 156 people to give up drugs forever.”<>

“Wow!” says the judge. “156 people! How did you manage to do that?” “Well, I used a similar diagram,” the guy says. <>

“I drew two circles like this. Then I pointed to the little circle and said, ‘This is your asshole before prison… ‘”<>

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